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Personal Training


Personal Training

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your current fitness or meet a specific fitness goal, need help to build strength and muscle mass or simply to learn new exercises and correct technique, we can can help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Our Personal Trainers are experts in their field, and will work with you to understand your needs and guide you with a personalised fitness program.

What is a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are part-coach, part-mentor, part-friend and even part-drill instructor at times. What remains constant is their goal, which is to oversee an individual’s fitness program and to help them achieve their goals.

Personal trainers have a love of fitness, and it shows. Their focus on a healthy lifestyle, a commitment to a fit physique, and a desire to share their passion with others is apparent, which allows them to serve as positive role models for the exercise challenged or for those who want to take their fitness to the next level.

Our personal trainers:

  • Provide and supervise exercise programs for clients in good health.
  • Design and deliver personalised fitness programs.
  • Instruct exercise in a safe and effective manner.

How a Personal Trainer can help?

Our physical training sessions focus on five key areas, which combine to improve your health and to achieve total fitness:

  • Cardio and pulmonary fitness.
  • Flexibity to minimise the risk of injuries
  • Muscle strength and endurance tnrough resisistance training.
  • Co-ordination and agility.
  • Body fat and weight loss.

Our Personal Trainers can support you with:

  • Goal directed individual sessions.
  • General fitness and strength related goals.
  • Participating in other sport, recreation and leisure activities.

Where are sessions conducted?

Personal Training sessions can be conducted in the privacy or convenience of your own home, local gym or outdoors in a nearby suitable park, playing field or sports oval.

Sessions may also be conducted in the Breakfast Point Country Club gym, if you are a member.

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